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Principals messege


Welcome, one and all.


I am always the most excited at the beginning of the school year. The start of the year holds so much promise for all of us. I get excited to see what path our students need to take to get accepted into college, and I always enjoy the meeting the new 6th grade students. As always, I am honored to have you attend our school.

This year we are offering a few new electives. We have a new Native American Literature class, and we also offer a West coast Native History class. We have also updated our reading program to offer a new course that will not only help with reading, but also writing, and fluency. It’s our continued effort to keep things fresh and updated, and to help us inspire you more. I truly hope you enjoy your time at Noli this year, and I hope you find the confidence in yourself to branch out and try new things this year. I would love to see everyone try out for the AVID program, and play at least one sport. Thank you to our new cheerleading squad. Your commitment not only helps enhance our sports programs, but brings more pride and spirit to our campus.

The goal for our staff is to help develop a love of learning that will last each student into adulthood. Opportunity is given to all, and everyone’s path is different. We will fall and rise together. We will pick each other up, we will keep each other on track, and we will do our best to inspire each other along the way. Remember, the longest of journeys begins with a single step.


Welcome back to Noli Indian School


More to come throughout the year…….

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