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Noli School Board
Noli School Board

Welcome to our new school board web page.  Our school board at Noli Indian School consist of the following ladies and gentleman:

Mike Placentia - - President / Chairman

Lucille Briones - - Vice President

Antonia Briones - - Secretary

Other Members: Sandy Boniface, Geneva Mojado 

Noli Board Policy Online:

Addressing the Board

The Chairman of the Board presides at all meetings and persons who wish to speak before the Board may do so at regular meetings by following these procedures:

Speakers may request their names be placed on the agenda by calling the Noli Indian School at 951-654-5596, no later than seven days before the Board meeting.

Each speaker must state his/her name, address, zip code, organization or group represented, and the topic to be addressed.

Each speaker’s presentation will be limited to ten (10) minutes. Any part of the ten (10) minutes may be yielded by the speaker to another speaker whose name is on the agenda, but in no instance shall any one speaker be allowed more than ten (10) minutes regardless of the number of speakers who yield their time. Speakers may not yield their time to a person whose name is not already on the agenda to speak.

The Board Chairman will call the speaker’s name when it is his/her time to speak. Speakers should state for the record their name and organization or group represented.

The Board expects those who appear before it will conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Personal references, derogatory statements of a personal nature, obscenities, and name calling are not permissible. The Chairman will have the authority to terminate the remarks of any individual who does not adhere to the above rules or chooses to be abusive to an individual Board member or the Board as a whole.

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