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Welcome Noli Students

This section is dedicated to Noli Students only! Below you will find important links that pertain only to the students. We will add more links to the list below as time goes on; for example, this school year (2015) we have included several new clubs to the school and we hope to keep adding more clubs in the coming months.  Email us with any questions you may have by filling out the form called 'Notify Me' at the bottom of the homepage.

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Bullying - An Epidemic @ Schools

Welcome! This section is dedicated to a bullying epidemic all schools are experiencing right now.  You sitting in front of this computer reading this message are very likely one of the many millions of children experiencing this horrifying human emotional virus. It is not funny, it is not acceptable, and it is against the law because we have lost too many lives who could not cope with such an emotional distress. We do not want to lose you too and we want you to know that we are here to help......You matter to Us!

Today you will fill out a confidential survey where you DO NOT need to provide any personal details that will potentially identify you personally or anyone else involved in bullying. However, we do appreciate your participation because by finding out small details about the patterns of bullies we can easily remedy the problem and perhaps eliminate it completely from our school.  The survey will be electronically received by a group of teachers who are part of a special bullying task force and they will be in charge of helping everyone here at Noli with a contentious plan to eradicate this degrading emotional virus.  After you finish filling out the survey you will then proceed to watch two videos on the subject of bullying.  Thank you for your participation once again:

  • Take The Bullying Survey


Bullying Videos:



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